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Lori Jacqueline Singer

November 6th

Corpus Christi, Texas USA

Lori Singer is one of those rare talents that encompasses everything all at once. She's a musician, actress and model. Being the daughter of Jacques Singer, a famous Symphony conductor, and Leslie Singer, a concert pianist, Lori was born into a performing family. She started playing the cello at a very young age, and soon was practicing 12 hours a day. It turned out that Lori was a prodigy, and at age 12 she made her debut as a soloist with the Oregon Symphony performing the Lalo Concerto. When Lori was 14, she was offered a scholarship to the prestigious Juilliard Performing Arts School where she would later become the 1st seat cellist with the Juilliard Symphony. While there, Lori studied under the masterful concert cellist Leonard Rose. In 1980, Lori would go on to win the Bergen Philharmonic Competition for Cello.

In her career on stage and before the camera, Lori Singer has dazzled audiences with her combination of model's beauty, musician's soul, and actor's flair. She has matched her explosive dramatic talent in roles opposite such powerhouses as Tom Hanks, Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon, Kris Kristofferson, and Sean Penn. She has also collaborated with the prodigious directing talents of John Schlesinger, Alan Rudolf, and Robert Altman, bringing to the screen women of unforgettably vibrant, eccentric, or achingly dark qualities.

Lori has earned critical acclaim and countless awards, from being awarded the cast Golden Globe for her work in Robert Altman's Shortcuts to the nomination for an Indie best supporting award for her work in Trouble in Mind. She has also won a Silver Halo for Born Beautiful, and the Sho West Newcomer of the Year for Footloose. Her movie roles have exhibited a dizzying range, from the scheming farm girl who lures a good husband to his death in Summer Heat, to the suicidal cellist in Robert Altman's Shortcuts, to the ditzy working girl in the sci-fi flick Warlock, and to the cold bureaucrat reduced to tearful frustration by Tom Hanks antics in The Man With One Red Shoe. Add to these roles her early work as one of TV's Kids from Fame, and you have a package of abilities rare in any one genre, to say nothing of so many.

To understand why Lori appears such an other-worldly soul, so enigmatic, mercurial, and apart from academically trained performers, look no further than this: Lori is at heart a classical musician -- accomplished solo cellist, daughter of a tempestuous conductor, and sister to her stage-mate in the famed Brahms Double Concerto for Violin and Cello. To see her immersed in a Romantic piece for virtuoso instrument is to glimpse the fire in her soul and driver of her incredible emotional range. Here is a woman capable of drawing bravos from a concert-hall audience in Mexico City, London or New York -- and draw gasps from movie-goers in San Diego, Hong Kong or Omaha.

So daring is Lori as a performer that celebrated directors and composers have written pieces especially for her -- both in roles and repertoire. In January 2008, Karl Jenkins wrote "Hymn for Martin Luther King" which she premiered as soloist at Carnegie Hall, and Robert Altman wrote the Zoe Trainer character for her role in the Raymond Carver film, Shortcuts.

Called "Godessy" by Pauline Kael when she first came up, and later listed among America's 50 most beautiful people by People magazine, here is a beauty with more than brains -- let's call her beauty with bravado... and clearly a beauty used to bravos.